Products & Services in 2021

The 1901 Census shows, on Page 1, that in the centre of Talog, of the 5 houses listed (comprising 30 occupants; 16 male, 14 female), the occupations included: shopkeeper, housemaid, merchantโ€™s carter, blacksmith, 4 dressmakers, farmer and miller, general farm labourer, stone-mason, carpenter, apprentices, and a clog-maker. You can search the 1841โ€“1911 English and Welsh censuses online, for free, via Carmarthen Library

Times and occupations change. See what products and services are available in and around Talog nowadays here

100 Years of Talog Hall

To celebrate 100 years of Talog Hall photographs of Talog through the years are being collected and can be seen on “Talog Past”

From TR Thomas Shop and Post Office, to a mobile Post Office van

From horse and cart to lorries

From a YMCA hall to Neuadd Gymunedol Talog

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