Blessing the Baptistry

People were baptised before joining Bethania Chapel. Originally this would have been in the river; then in the baptismal chamber near Talog Hall, on land given by Penrallt; and later at the Tabernacle Chapel in Carmarthen. In 2018 a “Blessing the Baptistry” took place, led by the Minister, Revd. Peter Cutts, and attended by some of those who had been baptised there.

Blessing the Baptistry
Minister Revd. Peter Cutts blessing the Baptistry

Talog Dancers at Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Cymru

You can learn about Dawnswyr Talog, one of Wales’ leading folk dance groups, on their website by clicking here

Dawnswyr Talog’s dancers are experienced performers and have attended a variety of events including concerts, social and charity evenings, festivals and the traditional Welsh twmpath or ceilidh. If you would like to see Dawnswyr Talog perform at your event please contact them or visit their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter: @talogwerin

Congratulations Talog Dancers – BBC video clip: Dawnswyr Talog Parti Dawnsio Gwerin

David Thomas, Welsh Learner of the Year

“I consider myself one of the lost generation. In the 70s there were not many opportunities for people like me to learn Welsh. I’ve tried to make up for it.”

Welsh learner of the Year 2021 at the National Eisteddfod is David from Jin Talog! Read more here (National Eisteddfod site) ⭐

Video here:

and another here