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Marchnad Ffermwyr Talog πŸπŸ„πŸ‘πŸ·πŸ Talog Farmers’ Market: 27/11/2021

Next Farmers’ Market in Talog, Saturday 27th November

Facebook: Marchnad Ffermwyr Talog πŸπŸ„πŸ‘πŸ·πŸ Talog Farmers’ Market

Ceridwen Centre will be creating fantastic food in the woodfired bread oven and outdoor woks – you can look forward to tasting:

  • Slow smoked Welsh beef, chimichurri and seasonal sweet pickles
  • Caws Teifi shawarma spiced organic halloumi, roquito peppers and a coconut mint yoghurt
  • Margherita pizza using locally made hand mozzarella

All the ingredients used come from their own organic gardens and local producers to create beautiful and tasty food.

Fish and Chips in Talog: 29th November 2021

The fish and chip van usually visits Talog Hall on the last Monday evening of the month (no visit in December). Details are published on this website, and on Facebook: Talog News Group

Orders need to have been placed by the previous Tuesday, via Facebook: Talog News Groupor via Site Admin on the Contact form, or by text (see the current poster).

This is what to do to collect your order

  • Please don’t all turn up at 6.00pm, the van will be there until 7.30pm. Gluten free fish is ready first, at 6.00pm.
  • Please adhere to the rules on social distancing.
  • You will need to order at the van. Your pre-orders are required to give the fish and chip man a guide to how much food to bring, but he doesn’t have a list of who wants what.
  • You will be given a number when you order at the van, and they will call you when it’s ready
  • You will need to pay cash.

Whenever possible, the Hall be open with limited facilities (check the current poster). In the Hall, tea and coffee will be available to buy; tables will be set up; and the toilets will be open. All Covid rules are being followed and normal restrictions will apply in the Hall

Enjoy your Fish and ChipsπŸ˜‹

Temporary Road Closure C2045 Talog 17/11/2021 3 days

Assurances have been given that G D Harries are trying their best to accommodate everyone as much as they can and to minimise as much disruption as possible, school transport are aware of these works and access will be available for school transport as much as possible.

Temporary closure of the C2045 Talog from its junction with the C2218 for a distance of 97 metres in a north-easterly direction and also from its junction with the C2218 for a distance of 321 metres in a south-westerly direction. The closure is necessary to ensure public safety whilst G D Harries carry out resurfacing works from 0900 hours Wednesday 17th November, 2021 for a period of 3 days. The alternative route for south-west bound traffic will be to proceed in a south-easterly to south-westerly direction along the C2045, passing Pistyll-gwyn, Cilwen, and Tal-y-fron Uchaf to its junction with the C2037. A t the junction, turn right and continue in a north-westerly direction to northerly direction along the C2037, passing Cwm, Plas-y-parciau, Cilhir Isaf and Pant-y-Gronw to its junction with the C2045. At the junction, turn right and continue in a south-easterly direction along the C2045, passing Llygadyrhaul to return to a point south-west of the closure. Vice Versa for north-east bound traffic. The closure will be carried out in sections to allow as much access as possible for residents and schools/college transport.